TIINA RAEVAARA: where science and surrealism meet

Tiina Raevaara is a novelist and a PhD in genetics and such an unusual combination alone is sufficient to  raise interest in her persona and work. Even more compelling is the fact that she started to write only eight years ago and her second opus – a  short stories collection – “En tunne sinua vierelläni” (I … Continue reading

KATI IMMONEN in wonderland: there is war, there are demonstrations

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young woman called Kati Immonen*. She was an incredibly talented artist who, after experiencing different forms of graphical expression, fell in love with watercolours to which she decided to devote all her skills and imagination. Witty and sparkling, Kati did not want to paint the traditional landscapes … Continue reading

Elina Aho: body parts freed by movement, inner history and intuition

Elina Aho, an artist and a psychologist, is portraying people or their body parts consistently exploring oil painting textures in an attempt to let a person’s inner story emerge, as her recent exhibition ”Body/images” at Galerie Oljemark demonstrates.  We met in her studio in Töölö shortly before the show was to start. – What brought you … Continue reading

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