ELINA AHO: EMBODIED PAINTING (summer 2011 follow up) 

Her initial portrait: https://ruxandrabp.wordpress.com/2010/11/04/elina-aho-body-parts-freed-by-movement-inner-history-and-intuition/

– What do you currently work on, Elina?

I am further working on the themes of embodiment, physicality, and movement at the moment. I am especially interested in the embodied, lived, experienced self-image, which I have been investigating theoretically, experientially, and in my own artistic practice during the past year (also as a part of the specialization in dance-movement therapy education that I just completed). I am also very interested in the perception process, how is perception formed. One important theme as well is the physicality of the actual painting process, and the material quality of painting, and how material choices are affecting the atmosphere of the painting.  I am also intrigued to explore if it is possible to bring a sense of movement and performativity to 2-dimensional painting. I will be investigating these approaches during my artistic practice at School of Visual Arts Summer Residency in Painting in NYC.
I am very excited about the residency: there are 34 painters in the intensive program (5 weeks) from all over the world. I am also very excited about moving for one year to Glasgow in the autumn within the frame of a Masters in Fine Art Practice at the Glasgow School of Arts….

I have also started to write a blog to document my pictural research process www.embodiedpainting.wordpress.com

– Your artistic recommendations for the summer…

I am intrigued by the liveliness of the cultural scene in NYC, as there are dozens of art/music/theatre festivals here in summer! I am looking forward to our warm up party at MoMa PS1 every Saturday in summer from 2-10 pm. Visiting museums dedicated to contemporary art is quite a must in NYC (MoMa, Met). I am also planning to visit the photography and video exhibition “Body, borders and crossings” at the Finnish cultural institute http://www.ficultureny.org/exhibitions/index.html



ANGELS SWINGS are back in the city of Helsinki (Vanhakirkko puisto) at the same time Kaija is presenting her most recent pieces at the JohanS galleria. See some pictures below.

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