Because artists and their ability to question our society and our ways of thinking count more than ever, some artists who crossed my road and I have chosen to open our discussions to YOU, their most valuable audience…
We hope these portraits have a zest and account for the illustration of one of the basic principles of life: “serio ludere”.
“Meet the Artists” is born from artisitic encouters and the willingness to share about an artist’s body of work in the form of a portrait. Linked to this blog, there is another one called “Art hotspots” that shares about artistic events in-the-making or the events themselves http://arthotspots.wordpress.com and few pinterest boards where I pin about some exhibitions I visited http://pinterest.com/ruxandrabp/exhibitions-around-the-world/ or art stuff I saw, en passant http://pinterest.com/ruxandrabp/en-passant/
lime jam with a zest (lime slices)

Each artist offers me inspiration for a jam… with a zest (here a lime jam with limes zests) which they usually receive at the end of the interview session(s)

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