Starting whispers

I can say it straight away: I am a French-speaker. Writing this blog in English is thus quite a challenge. Are there alternatives? Not in my opinion: English has become the lingua franca of international communication an I feel that sharing my passion for arts should know no boundaries. If any limit is to be set, I should like to restrict myself to contemporary arts for which I have genuine interest and to using an understandable language. I am sometimes at odds with the obscure terminology used by art historians or art critics who instead of making contemporary art  more accessible by their work bring it to summits no artist intended to ever explore – would artists have a specific intent.

In Helsinki, where I live, I have started to organize meetings with artists for various groups based on a simple idea: if you want to understand today’s artistic trends, ask the artists directly – even virtually in some cases, as not all artists are interested in visiting my place or yours… Not all of them want to talk, and the option that their work speaks enough for them is a legitimate one. Some, however, accept to go the extra mile of guiding us into their questionings, the ways they are producing their art by meeting with me, others and YOU. My special thanks go to those who have this courage and energy.

OK, ready to go for sharing artistic emotions despite Michel Houellebecq’s assertion that: “the world was everything but a subject for artistic emotion, the world was rather a rational system, without magics nor particular interest”? Then let’s start!

Translated (freely) from Michel Houellebecq, “la carte et le territoire”, Flammarion, 2010, p.268 “le monde était tout sauf un sujet d’émotion artistique, le monde se présentait absolument comme un dispositif rationnel, dénué de magie comme d’intérêt particulier”.

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